8 March 2009


(Rare!1and only)

Details of the item:

The she was away is the birthday of her,her parents prepared a birthday

dinner at home and waiting for her presents,but only the bad news is been arrived,she die in a car accident,she appear many times in her parent's

dream...................(Click to see more)

17 December 2008

Wealth bone Kumantong

kumantong,bones,spirits,wealth,moneySerial number:KS003

Name:Wealth bone Kumantong

Details of the item:

For the bad situation of the market now,followers are mainly concern on

how to enhance wealth and is a strong wealth enhancing amuet which we

are providing to all of you,of course beside enhancing wealth he does help

the follower to assist on their goals,no matter in career,relationships and luck,also not to forget that gainning good deeds is one of the important

element to bring up more luck...........(Click to see more)

13 November 2008

Bone masepnang


Serial number:LA010



Master:Ahchang subani of Wat tong sai

Ingredients:bone pieces,corpose fresh,attraction herbs

Details of the item:

Great item for attraction to opp gender,iper with masepnang

which is a great combination for attractions,it helps you to

enlarge your friends circle,stable your relationship between

your friends and your love ones(Click to see more)

25 October 2008

New corner opened

All followers know about the power of thai buddha amulet is able to change a person's life from worst to a better situation.Traditional ingredients normally are temple soil,holypowder,flowers, herbs

and natural/human relics,Thaispiritual.com we proudly present

The Greatest Buddha Amulet(Jadeite buddha amulet) from master:ahchang kitsubani,Master use A grade Jadeite as

ingredient she contents the combination of basic elements of earth,she has a strong but gentle magnetic force,master bless

her when he is carving the amulet,each amulet takes 3 weeks to complete,49days of blessing under the sun and moon,and each

of them will go through a ritual blessed by dews with buddha's

power and master's direction of effects. So each of the amulet

is with3 strong power:master,natural and buddha's power.Each

piece is unique in the world with pinpoint after the noble,

strong rapid effect is different from the traditional thaiamulets

Followers please take note.

visit us www.thaispiritual.com

23 September 2008

Latest item

Latest item

Name:Nammun pai
Two girls share for the rental fee for a room,they are from the same school,one day the house catch a fire and they are unable to make it for escape asthey are the last two know about the fire case and their room is in the topfloor,both of them die in the room (Click to see more)

10 August 2008

Latest item

Latest item

Details of the item:

A shocking news was spread in the town,Three boys hit down by a lorry and three of them passed away after the accident,the parents are sad and poor,master donated .........(more)

13 June 2008

thProblems cant solve? On relationships? Attraction with opp/same gender? Business? Miss the opportunity of wealth coming your way?Family/Domestic problem? Or even thought u are smooth in your path now, but could u be sure that the day after tomorow would be the same?
(we guarantee it's genuine,condition And spiritual power)

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Latest Product
Bone & hair
(made only 3)

Details of the item:

This amulet is special in the ingredients,it contains bones,corpse hairand 4 takkuts,hair is able to see clearly which is in the mddile of theamulet,master use those ingredients to bring up the power for this khunphen,and the total number made is only ................(read more)

Latest Product

Details of the item:
A special holyitem,contained bone ashes,bone piece,herbs for wealth and make use kumantongs amulet which made by ahchang poon,master crash them into powder and follow the patten of his kumantong amulet ....... (read more)